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Plumbing Services Across Gold Coast

At GTH Plumbing we understand that plumbing emergencies don't just happen during business hours. A burst pipe, Gas Leak or blocked toilet can be a messy and even dangerous situation. Timing is critical and you expect plumbing assistance and fast! We offer our client a rapid response 7 days a week.

We will do whatever needs to be done to ensure you not without essential services.

So if you need a plumber urgently or on any occasion, call Guy from GTH Plumbing on - 0409645981 -We'll be there when you need us.

Sameday Services

Having no hot water to bath in ,no Gas to cook dinner or blocked toilets as your about to have guests over can be a stressful experience. For a responsive and professional service ,call Guy from GTH Plumbing and an experienced plumber can resolve your plumbing issue that very same day with minimal disruption to you.

Hot Water Systems & Servicing

- Hot water systems supplied and installed same day with QBCC certification.

- Double the life of your hot water changing your systems sacrificial anode.

Burst Pipes

Is your water bill abnormally high? Are there wet or soggy areas in your garden? Can you hear water running under the house? Are the foundations of your home shifting forming cracks in walls? If the answer was "yes" to any of these questions above, then you may have a water leak or burst pipe. Sometimes you can have an abnormally high water bill, but with no obvious signs of water leaks or burst pipes. GTH Plumbing has the equipment and expertise to deal with all types of leaking or burst pipes. We also have electronic leak detection available if required.

Toilet Suites & Cisterns

A leaking toilet can lead to expensive water bills and an unnecesary waste of our pressious resource.GTH Plumbing has the skills and knowlage to repair a leaking toilet.In the event that the toilet cannot be repaired we will assist you in finding a suitable replacement and install it that same day.


GTH Plumbing has vast experience in home renovations and appliance installation.A new bathroom,ensuite,laundry or kitchen renovation or even outdoor kitchen/enterianment area.Whether it be a major renovation or a simple tap or dishwasher installation,GTH Pliumbing can replace one fixture or the entire room.

Gas Installations

Gas installations range from cooktops/Instantaineous or storage hot water systems,

fireplaces to general. maintenance.

Gas appliances should burn a blue/yellow flame.If you see a yellow gas flame then your appiance may be faulty.Insure the safety of your home or workplace and book a gas service today.